Guarderia Infantil Nina Maria, Cazuca, Cundinamarca

Raised: £10,000


FOCSA has joined efforts with other organizations in Colombia to build and fully furbish this Day Nursery dedicated to the care and education of 45 infants and children displaced from their homes by the armed conflict that affects the country. The building will also serve as an educational centre for young girls (some as young as 12 years of age) expecting a baby. There they will learn a simple trade as well as basic mothering skills.
So far FOCSA has donated over £10,000 to this project.

Hospital Club Noel, Cali

Donated: Anaesthetic equipment


This beautiful and very busy Children’s Hospital provides health care to disadvantaged and poor youngsters in the city of Cali and surrounding areas in the south-west of Colombia. They receive frequent referrals of complicated cases, and some children have to travel long distances to be treated because it is the

only specialized paediatrics hospital in the area. FOCSA donated a complete unit of anaesthetics equipment that was delivered in December 2005

Roosevelt Institute, Bogotá

Donated: two neonatal heat lamps costing US$9,300


This worthy institution was founded 55 years ago. Its main function is the care of children with musculo-skeletal, neurological and pulmonary illnesses. However, in the last two years it has also been helping children and young people who are refugees or victims of conflict. It is working in conjunction with UNICEF, the Colombian Presidency and Red de Solidaridad. Two neonatal heat lamps costing US$9,300 were donated to the Roosevelt Institute in 2002

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