Hospital San Andrés, Tumaco, Nariño

Raised: £44,000 for 1 Closed Incubator, a Transport Incubator, a Vital Signs Monitor, 2 Electrocardiographs, 2 Pulse-oximeters and 6 specialised cots. read more...

Hospital Julio Figueroa, Bahía Solano, Chocó:
Medical equipment for the complete refurbishment of the Maternity and Paediatrics Wards. Raised: £40,000

Hospital Departamental San Francisco de Asís, Quibdo, Choco: 

Donation of a transport incubator, vital signs monitor, phototherapy lamp, infusion pump, oxygen monitor and electronic scale for babies. The total cost was £19,000.

Fundación Diocesana para la Salud, Apartadó, Antioquia: 

Donation of a Haematology equipment at a cost of £8,285.

Hospital Ismael Roldán Valencia, Quibdó, Chocó: 

Donation of a transport incubator, sterilizer, delivery table, nebulizers, equipment trolleys, scales for babies and an autoclave. The total cost of this donation was £21,000.

Resguardo Indigena Epedara Siapidaara, San Miguel Infi, Cauca: 

A donation of the necessary medical equipment to establish a small Health Centre and also portable dental equipment. The total cost of this equipment was near to £1,300.

Corporación de limitados físicos de Itagui, Antioquia:

A donation of various pieces of equipment for disabled children and juniors, including wheelchairs, crutches, etc. for a total of almost £800

Guardería Hogar Infantil  La Esmeralda, Popayán, Cauca 

Water prurication plant and deontological unit worth £2,500


Liga contra la Epilepsia Capitulo Valle, Cali 

A donation of Electroencephalograph equipment for the diagnosis of Epilepsy, at a cost of £9,700, has been ordered and will be presented to the League in the near future. This equipment will aid in the accurate diagnosis of 190 children every month.

Liga Colombiana de Hemofilicos y otras Deficiencies Sanguineas, Bogota

A nonprofit organization created in 1974 with the aim of providing health care to people with hemophilia or other blood disorders. Around 120 children from the poorest areas of Bogota and neighboring towns are treated each month. Thanks to a kind donation of €3,000from HENKEL, through their Make an Impact on Tomorrow (MIT) Initiative, FOCSA was able to donate specialized Dentistry and Physiotherapy equipment at a cost of £2,093


Casa de la madre y el nino, Bogotá

Digital incubator and oximeter press worth £5,700





Hospital San Jose, Samana, Caldas

Raised: £8,500 for ecography equipmen