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Recent Donations

ICAL Instituto Colombiano de Audicion y Lenguaje, Bogotá & Chia

Dec 2017 - £4,000

Inventis Basic Audiometer

Hospital Federico Lleras, Human Milk Bank - Ibagué

July 2017 - £6,700

Human milk extractor and water purifier.

Fundación Amadehu, Ibagué

May 2017 - £500

Tableware and Kitchenware,1 printer HP J4660

Clínica Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Barú

April 2017 - £4,000

1 dental units, 1 compresor, 2 fetal dopplers, 2 mechanical baby scale.

Fundacion Jardin de la Niña Maria - Bogotá

March 2017 - £1,200

A Whirlpool washing machine and dryer for the girls personal care.

Hogar Nazareth Cristo Maestro, Bogota

Feb 2017 - £4,500

​Donation of a paediatric consultancy room for emergencies: examination bed, oxygen, pulse oximeter, senses diagnostic set, paediatric Tensiometer, 12 beds with bedside tables.

Hospital San Jose de Mariquita - Tolima

Dec 2016 - £4,000

Paediatric nebuliser, paediatric dentistry instrumental, senses diagnostic set, pulse oximeter with neonatal and paediatric sensor, portable venous illuminator, paediatric bed, digital baby scale.

Asociación Creemos en Ti - Bogotá

Dec 2016 - £4,000

Computers to treat psychological abused children.

Fundación Madre Canguro, Medellin

July 2016 - £7,900

Bilirubinometer and Biliblanket for premature babies.

FIRE Centro Colombiano de Epilepsia, Cartagena

March 2016 - £10,800

Portable ventilator for young adults and children.

Fundación FIDEC, Barranquilla

Dec 2015 - £1,900

Stimulation equipment for severely disabled children with neurological disorders.

Fundación Diversidad - Medellin

Dec 2015 - £3,500

Multisensorial equipment to stimulate severeley disabled children.

Fundación Camino a la Esperanza (FUCAES) - Bogotá

June 2015 - £1,000

1 Wheelchair, 5 floor mattresses and other crutial items for the rehabilitation of severly disabled chidren taken care of by a community mother in her own house.

Hospital San Juan de Dios - Rio Sucio, Caldas

June 2015 - £10,000

2 closed and 2 open incubators that were delivered after a flooding of the mines in the area.

Centro de Salud - Corregimiento Buenos Aires - Sur Bolivar

June 2015 - £5,000

1 Delivery bed, 2 portable Oxigen tanks, 1 Solar fridge, 1 Stretcher, 2 Drip Stands, 1 Nebuliser and other minor items.

Hogares Luz y Vida - Bogotá

Feb 2015 - £1,700

1 Portable defibrillator to help the institution with specialised cardiovascular emergency resuscitation equipment. 

Fundación Amadehu - Ibague

Sept 2014 - £1,500

Various small surgical items to furnish the hospital’s paediatric ward with equipment to provide vital care to children and babies.


Hogar Santa Rita de Cascia - Bogotá

Oct 2014 - £20,000

Provision of 10 specialised Beds and 10 paediatric beds to increase the hospital’s ward capacity.

E.S.E Hospital San Pio X Caracoli - Antioquia

March 2014 - £6,000

Donation of an open incubator, neonatal beds and mattresses and a neonatal respiratory support unit to improve the hospital's ability to treat vulnerable new born and young children in the paedriatic ward of this hospital which serves a very needy and isolated infant community in the west Colombian region of Antioquia.

Hospital Mario Gaitan Yanguas - Soacha

June 2012 - £12,500

With the help of sponsorship funds raised by one of our loyal supporters Felipe Posada, when he ran the London British 10K 2012, FOCSA was able to donate a Closed Incubator, Vital Signs Monitor and Phototherapy Lamp to this deserving hospital. 

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Special Appeal 2016

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Completion in October 2016 - £24,000



The Arhuacos are a profoundly spiritual, peaceful people who value their independence and traditions. Approxima­tely 45,000 live in the Arhuaco Indigenous Reserve – between the Caribbean Sea and the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. The Arhuacos live dispersed over a wide area, and practice a subsistence economy, working the land and making handicrafts. There are very few roads; some isolated places can only be reached by foot or on horseback. 


The WINTUKWA IPSI is the regional health institution which takes care of the primary medical needs of over 10,500 young children and 9,900 are women of reproductive age. On average they treat 1,150 children and 300 pregnant women per month. FOCSA has been asked to help because they are going through a difficult period due to climate change and other changes affecting their crops and water supplies. As a result there is hunger, malnutrition and illness, particularly in the most vulnerable groups of children, mothers and old people.


With your help, we have donated basic but essential medical equipment to the Nabusimake, Jewrwa and Simonorwa Health Centres. They have dedicated medical teams including doctors, nurses, bacteriologists and health promoters. While the infrastructure of the Health Centres is adequate, they lack even the most basic equipment required for diagnosis and primary care: Fetal Dopplers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers and Vital Signs Monitors.  Now the Arhuacos receive care from a health centre closer to their villages, without the expense and risk of having to travel for several hours in hazardous conditions to the nearest city. 


3 Health Centres - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - October 2016 - £20,000

Hospital Universitario Troconis -  August 2016 - £5,000

We donated a specialised closed incubator for the neonatal intensive care unit. This is vital for the intensive care of critically ill babies and children suffering from diseases such as renal failure, convulsions, very low birth weight or respiratory complications. 

Special Appeal 2014

Hospital Universitario Rafael Henao Toro - Manizales - May 2015 - £33,000

Our Special Appeal for 2014 was targeted to help a hospital located in the Colombian Coffee Region. The "Hospitalito" is a crutial and important institution in the region for children of all ages.


We suceeded in raising £33,000 which were desperately needed to buy the surgical medical equipment for this inspiring and non-profit institution that offers secondary and tertiary care to children and teenagers in the coffee area, being the only entity with these facilities in the region. 


Among the equipment donated were 1 surgical ceiling lamp, 1 intubation lamp, 1 Fiberscope, 1 Dermatome and key surgical intruments they required.

Special Appeal 2013

Fundación Madre Bernarda Butler - Clinica la Asunción - Feb 2014 - £36,500

Our 2013 appeal, under the name of “Carnival of Hope” set out with a very ambitious target to raise enough funds to buy 1 transport incubator, 1 vital signs monitor and associated ventilator, 1 closed incubator and 2 phototherapy lamps for the paediatric ward and intensive care unit at Clinica La Asuncion, Barranquilla.


The clinic was in urgent need of special neonatal equipment provided by FOCSA which was necessary for the safe movement of babies between the labour and neonatal intensive care wards. With your help we were able to raise £36,500 to provide this important equipment which was delivered to the hospital in February this year.